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The chrysocolla stone is considered the “crystal of communication”. Some believe that if you hold it, you will uncover your inner truth, and will feel empowered to speak it with conviction. The stone induces a soothing balance between mind, body, and soul- allowing those who possess it to experience greater peace, self-compassion, and clarity. 


We believe that the purpose of therapy aligns with the purported benefits of the chrysocolla stone- empowerment, compassion, clarity, and balance. We believe helpful therapy simultaneously encourages acceptance and change. Yes, you can love yourself while also striving to improve. 

We utilize evidence-based interventions- therapy that is proven to work- and creatively tailor it to meet your specific needs. Let's work together to heal what hurts, uncover your strength and build a life worth living.




We understand that life can make it difficult to prioritize your health when you are busy caring for your infant. Your mental health is important. So we'll come to you. 

We offer concierge psychological services for young children. Eligibility for in-home services will be determined during the initial phone consult. 


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