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The chrysocolla stone is considered the “crystal of communication”. Some believe that if you hold it, you will uncover your inner truth, and will feel empowered to speak it with conviction. The stone induces a soothing balance between mind, body, and soul- allowing those who possess it to experience greater peace, self-compassion, and clarity. 


We believe that the purpose of therapy aligns with the purported benefits of the chrysocolla stone- empowerment, compassion, clarity, and balance. We believe helpful therapy simultaneously encourages acceptance and change. Yes, you can love yourself while also striving to improve. 

We utilize evidence-based interventions- therapy that is proven to work- and creatively tailor it to meet your specific needs. Let's work together to heal what hurts, uncover your strength and build a life worth living.





We're here to help.

Concierge Psychological Services

We offer concierge psychological services for young children. Eligibility for in-home services will be determined during the initial phone consult. 


Children are resilient and flexible. They can bounce back quickly from difficulties with love and support. But sometimes they need more. Sometimes big emotions can quickly overwhelm little bodies. Those big emotions combined with a brain that is still developing makes it hard to voice their feelings and effectively cope. 


Adolescence is a period of transition. Figuring out who you are, where you belong, and what you want your future to look like is no easy task. Striving for independence and autonomy is a hallmark of adolescence. It might look a lot like pushing limits and disconnecting from parents. But how do you know when these things have 'gone too far'? 


Do you struggle with anxiety about the future or feel depressed over what happened in the past? Maybe you have a current problem that feels insurmountable. Whatever the case may be, we'll help you find your way on the path to wellness. You will learn to regain control of your mental and emotional health so that you can more fully engage in the present moment and experience the joy that waits for you. 


The unfair reality of trauma is that it is not your fault, yet it is your responsibility to heal yourself. You don’t need to do it alone. Let us help you find your voice and reclaim your power.


Coaching is helpful if your life is generally going well, but you feel it could be better. You want to "level up" and need some guidance on how to tap into your full potential.  

Professional Consult

Available for professional consultations to mental health facilities, schools and private practitioners that are seeking to improve service delivery and ensure the highest quality of care is provided to the individual consumer.

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